Gerhard van Rensburg

Gerhard van Rensburg – Managing Director

Gerhard became involved in the IT industry during the early eighties. During this time he has been involved in application design and development, database administration, and software and network management in industries ranging from banking, petroleum, mining and insurance to retail. He has worked for corporates including Total Oil, Gencor, Standard Bank and Old Mutual. Deciding to change his client hat for a service provider hat, he joined the then AST Group (now Gijima) in 1999.

Gerhard became a shareholder and director of Vicitude during 2004 and is responsible for the overall execution of the business including Finance, Business Administration, Governance and Growth. His main focus has always been the delivery of quality service and he strongly believes in honesty, integrity and consistency.

When he isn’t marshalling the troops, Gerhard is somewhat of a speed freak and loves motor sport and rugby and is a keen golfer.