Neville Nightingale

Neville Nightingale – Director

Neville started his career as a part-time lecturer at University, whilst completing a MSc degree majoring in Physics. He spent several years doing research work in Reactor Physics (designing and developing mathematical models of physical processes and solving them on a mainframe computer).

As career prospects for Scientists were limited in South Africa, Neville became the Head of the Computer Centre at Pelindaba, where he received in-depth training in Computer Operating Systems, and was required to write several Operating System bug fixes. Thereafter he moved to Data Trust as a specialist IT Consultant, developing mainframe automation and operations management systems. Neville subsequently moved to Cape Town to open a Program Trust branch (sister company to Data Trust). As Program Trust was a distributor for AutoOperator (part of the Boole & Babbage suite of products),  he had the opportunity to spend time in the development labs of AutoOperator in Silicon Valley, California. When BMC bought Boole & Babbage, Neville was transferred to AST (BMC’s South African Agent) where, amongst other things, he was responsible for developing a custom DB2 monitoring solution for one of their corporate customers.

In 2004, along with his daughter and son, Neville was involved in the founding of Vicitude Business Solutions. Not long after this, Integrated Research in Sydney Australia heard about Neville’s experience in DB2 monitoring, and approached Vicitude to develop a full-blown DB2 monitor for the Prognosis Monitor. This was followed by the request to develop a SQL Server monitor for the same product. Neville is currently specializing in Systems Integration and has recently been involved in Windows Device Driver development.

Neville enjoys digging deep into the internal workings of computers, and prefers to program in machine language or Assembly, as he feels that other languages isolate you from the workings of a computer.

When he’s not exploring the insides of computers, Neville enjoys reading technical books on Physics, Mathematics and Computers, is an avid woodworker (having made several items of furniture from raw wood), and loves being a Handyman, with some of his projects including: tiling a bathroom, building a swimming pool and rebuilding car engines.