Jean Brand

Jéan Brand – Developer

Jéan is a Developer at our Back-office. His focus is on web development using Microsoft.NET MVC and AngularJS and Bootstrap.

After leaving school, Jéan studied Information System Engineering and, while already working from August 2011, finished his degree in 2012. He worked mostly in web development environments and .Net environments before becoming a Vicitude staff member in 2018.

@Jean: I find the UI to be my greatest challenge and most rewarding side of development, but I also enjoy the user requirements phase, and trying to get the best possible solution that we can for our clients. Solving problems in a tangible, and useful way to the client is something that gives me great satisfaction.

As a Technology Enthusiast, Jéan enjoys using some of his spare time to stay current with the latest technology trends. He balances this with a keen interest in taking walks or going hiking. In his off time, he likes to read up on the latest Crypto currency news and chill at home with some Netflix.