Justin van Wilgen

Justin van Wilgen – Developer

Justin is currently the main developer for one of Vicitude’s long term clients. His duties include planning, development, testing, managing deployments and providing support. He also provides support on some of Vicitude’s other projects when needed.

Justin previously worked as a Software Developer for a software consulting firm. During his time at this company he was exposed to a diverse variety of technologies and types of projects.

@Justin: I enjoy the fact that my job revolves mainly around problem solving, and encourages finding new and innovative ways of doing things. The nature of Software Development also requires that one frequently picks up new skills/knowledge; this serves to help grow my potential as a developer.

Justin enjoys leading an active and healthy lifestyle. He loves outdoor activities such as cycling and hiking, and enjoys frequent visits to the gym. Justin likes to force himself out of his comfort zone whenever possible and enjoys learning how things work. And at the end of the day, he enjoys a good book and a cup of tea.