Noel Nightingale

Noel Nightingale – Consultant Solutions Architect

Noel is Vicitude’s Consultant Solutions Architect, with years of experience in analysing a clients business requirements, designing ingenious solutions to IT problems, and mentoring young Developers…whilst still making time for his extra-mural interests.

Noel obtained his degree in Computer science and applied maths at Stellenbosch University, whereafter he started out as an applications programmer writing a complex billing system for a major telecoms company. Over the years he has obtained a great deal of experience in architecting all kinds of applications, from online web solutions to back-end system monitoring tools. This lead to his eventual involvement in the founding of Vicitude in 2004 and the subsequent founding of Vicitude’s sister company, Bunkai, in 2017.

All his life he has been a very thorough and exact person, never giving up until he finds the answer he needs and never accepting anything less than absolute quality. The people working for him know that whenever presenting a piece of work it should be right or they should get right back to doing it again.

Socially, Noel enjoys Argentine Tango and Salsa dancing, travelling the world, and is a coffee connoisseur of note, roasting and grinding his own beans.